IBill Jmail Update

Assigned to:somebody
Created:somebody at Thu, 01/24/2008 - 9:50pm
Status:Open (General Task / Priority 1-High)
Case ID:Public Display: 209-340

TB2 to nfo.thefiengroup.com (

  • Made backup (exported) Registry using regedit command.
    Backup Registry
  • Run the command to unregister the old component.
    Unregister Jmail
  • Delete Jmail Directory
    Delete Jmail Directory
  • Install Jmail
    Install Jmail 01
    Install Jmail 02
    Install Jmail 03
  • Copied the files from local f:\temp\nfoweb\pld\epbb\epbb3_6_10\ to d:\epbb directory on nfo.thefiengroup.com
    Copy epbb files
  • Line 9 of customize.asp AUTHMAIL value set locally before file was copied to server.

Now, to test.