USA Dance LA

USA Dance is a national non-profit organization whose primary mission is to support Ballroom dancing. 

This site was created as a proof of concept to replace the existing site. The advantages over the previous site:

The Performing Arts For Life And Education Foundation (P.A.L.E.F.)

The Performing Arts For Life And Education Foundation (P.A.L.E.F.)

A fifteen year -old, community -based Arts and Education Program, is to provide meaningful opportunities and empowerment skills to youth and mature adults through hands-on training and subsequent access to long -term employment within the multifaceted field of the Performing Arts, and to give exposure to all aspects of the Performing Arts disciplines.

The site is an online service geared towards providing Boards of Directors a place to advertise meetings and post public information.  It includes two Drupal modules developed internally and not currently available to the general public:

Central Ave Dance Ensemble

The Central Ave Dance Ensemble web site was initially created to serve as a base site for the dance company. It has evolved into a general dance site, providing many useful videos and links for several dance disciplines. Using the Organic Groups module, we are able to house several different dance organizations ( within the single site. Using the OG User Roles module, we are able to make some groups private, and give appropriate role levels within the group to members that are restricted to just the groups in which they have those roles.

Brix Realty Inc Service Center

The Brix Realty Back Office is a site designed to electronically tie all the parties of a real estate transaction.  Each property is maintained as a group (using OG User Roles).  Every party to the transaction has the appropriate role within the group (i.e., Buyer, Lender, Broker, Developer, etc...) and is then able to provide and receive property documents that they have rights to. 

Initially developed in 2007.