National Institute for the Prevention of Workplace Violence (2003-09-02)

This is a large repository of information related to Workplace Violence. It is a Self-Administration web site which has been customized to this particular application.

Sullivan International (2003-09-02)

Developed web site and eCommerce. Also provide web site and database hosting.

Eagle Computing - William Marrion Branham / Bible (2003-09-02)

Folio Views Infobase.

Associated Administrators of Los Angeles (2003-09-02)

This site previously ran on the main LAUSD WWW servers (IBM AIX OS) utilizing its mainframe DB2 database. It demonstrates how the Self-Administration Web Site can be easily implemented in non-PC, non-Windows environments.

United States Department of Labor (2003-09-02)

Decisions of the Employees' Compensation Appeals Board (ECAB). In Folio Views Infobase.

Lincoln County (North Carolina) Schools Board Policies (2003-09-02)

Policy Services Online. Folio Views Infobase.

Iowa School Board Association (2003-09-02)

Policy Services Online. Folio Views Infobase.

Illinois Association of School Boards (2003-09-02)

Policy Services Online. Folio Views Infobase.

Jewish Historical Society - Metro West (2003-09-02)

Provide hosting.