Web Site Hosting

Web site hosting.

IsGoPhoto (2003-09-02)

Isgo Photo Lab is a full-service photo lab specializing in headshots located in Burbank and Los Angeles. We hosted their site, and provided an infobase of head shots for about a year or so.

Greenwood Electronic Media (2003-09-02)

Developed entire eCommerce engine for sales of CD's and online subscriptions. Also provided database and infobase hosting (SDSS).

Eagle Computing - William Marrion Branham / Bible (2003-09-02)

Folio Views Infobase.

Associated Administrators of Los Angeles (2003-09-02)

This site previously ran on the main LAUSD WWW servers (IBM AIX OS) utilizing its mainframe DB2 database. It demonstrates how the Self-Administration Web Site can be easily implemented in non-PC, non-Windows environments.

Water Babies Sailing Club (2003-09-02)

Provided hosting services to Ben's sailing club for a few years. This was prior to our switching to Plesk for provisioning and maintenance.

Jewish Historical Society - Metro West (2003-09-02)

Provide hosting.

ClassicTexts.net OnLine Library (2003-09-02)

ClassicTexts.net provides, online, nine publications: 1. The Bible at your Fingertips, 2. The Fathers at your Fingertips, 3. Classic Authors at your Fingertips, 4. Shakespeare & Company, at your Fingertips, 5. Poetry at your Fingertips, 6. Great Prose at your Fingertips, 7. Philosophical Texts at your Fingertips, 8. Theological Texts at your Fingertips, 9. Extra Bonus - Project Gutenberg Texts

African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church (2003-09-02)

Hosted their web site for several years.

Software Creations Web Site Converted to SAW Site (September 21, 2003)

We finally got around to converting our web site to a Self-Administration Web Site (SAW). About time! You can follow the link for more information about SAW.

INNODATA - UNESCO International Bureau of Education (September 15, 2003)

We provided their back-end database and subscription management services.