Web-Based Applications Development

Web-based applications development services.

LAUSD Financial Reporting Database Security Front-End (2003-09-02)

Created security front end to allow online employee sign-up and log-in to Financial Reporting Database. Required configuration which includes mainframe DB2 district employee database.

LAUSD Division of Special Education (2003-09-02)

This is another example of how the Self-Administration web site can be customized to a particular application. This Division is very large and has several sub-departments as well as dozens of special schools. We re-developed their entire site using SAW. It has been re-developed a few times since -- don't know what application they use now.

Software Creations Web Site Converted to SAW Site (September 21, 2003)

We finally got around to converting our web site to a Self-Administration Web Site (SAW). About time! You can follow the link for more information about SAW.

Freedom Equity, Inc. (September 15, 2003)

Freedom Equity, Inc. provides home loans, mortgage financing, and other financial services for clients in the Southern California (Socal) region. We developed a desktop Java application designed to pick suitable lenders based upon loan application criteria supplied in a spreadsheet.

Lynwood Unified School District (September 15, 2003)

We re-developed the district web site. This was developed as a SAW site and used to provide 'sub-sites' to over 50 schools and departments.